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We manufacture a wide range of versatile, general-purpose tankers, suitable for use with artic lorries. These robust, cylindrical tankers are designed for the safe road transportation of any liquid product, including waste, heavy sludge, silt, debris and chemicals.

Engineering Excellence – Why Choose Vallely Tankers?

Our designs are extensively customisable to meet your needs, with a lightweight stainless steel shell and a deep suction liquid ring, capable of handling heavily soiled liquids with a high solid content. Each of our deep lift, tipping tankers comply with UK pressure vessel and waste transport legislation, and lead the industry in terms of performance, service life and low emissions.

Our tankers can be subdivided into compartments for clean water and soiled liquids, with partition walls and baffles to control the flow of liquids while in transit. This aids the separation of solids and liquids in the tank for easier management, and minimises movement of the product inside the tank while the vehicle is moving.

Your tanker-trailer can be designed to attach to any make of artic lorry.


Artic tankers are used in a variety of industrial and waste management applications, including;

  • Sewage removal/drain clearance
  • Transportation of liquid waste, chemicals, fertilisers, fuel, etc
  • Deep lift operations
  • Vacuum clearance of pits, shafts, cesspools etc.

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Discuss your requirements with one of our design team today. We create bespoke artic tankers for a wide range of applications, and also offer refurbishments, servicing and upgrades for all makes of tanker. Call us on 01977 687820 or click here to send us a message.

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