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Our combination tankers are purpose-built to remove and transport a variety of liquid waste products from drains, ditches, wells, and pits. From basic drain cleaning combi units to sophisticated tankers designed for hazardous materials or specialist applications, we have the experience, knowledge and expertise to offer an efficient and cost-effective solution.

What Is A Combination Unit/Tanker?

Combination units as the name suggests, incorporate vacuum suction along with jetting capability to clear drains, clean storage tankers, using both principles.

Vallely Tankers are one of the few companies whose combi design allows for full ADR Approval, a basic requirement for cleaning storage tanks.

Applications for combination units include:

  • Sewage removal – in sewage treatment plants etc.
  • Drain and sewer clearance
  • Flood clean-up
  • Clearance of portable toilets, cesspits, and septic tanks
  • Clearance of slurry from agricultural ditches and gullies
  • Clearance of contaminated industrial liquids from construction sites
  • Removal of liquid excreta, silage, animal waste, and livestock slurry

Why Choose Vallely Tankers?

Our combination units go from a basic spec for drain cleaning to full ADR Compliance, but whatever your requirements, the same knowledge, experience and expertise goes into the design and manufacture. All Vallely Tankers combis are fitted with our own in house designed cassette booms and high capacity hose reels and are radio controlled to make it easier for the operator, using the latest in house designed data gathering technology to capture the vehicle’s performance and to serve as an early warning for preventative maintenance and adjustment. This information is fed directly to our maintenance team, who can take immediate detail and help prevent any downtime with the vehicle.

All our combination units include liquid ring vacuum suction, which is trouble free, silent and powerful.

We offer a choice of additional water storage, utilising maximum payload capacity with daily output. Using internal moving division to maximise variable capacity for debris and clean water.

The specially designed division is dual purposed to discharge debris. The onscreen monitor displays where the division is positioned and the capabilities for clean water and debris immediately shown.

    Find Out More

    We design and manufacture easy-to-use, reliable, and powerful combination units for every application. To discuss commissioning a bespoke combination unit, purchasing a used or refurbished model, or upgrading your current equipment, please get in touch with one of our engineers today. Call us on 01977 687820 or use our online contact form to send us a message.

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