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From our Vallely Tankers workshop in North Yorkshire, we provide a bespoke remount and refurbishment service to improve the performance and service life of any make of tanker. With nearly 40 years’ experience maintaining and upgrading tankers, we have the expertise, facilities, and professional reputation to carry out a range of upgrades – from pump replacements to a complete refurbishment and body swap.

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Improved Service Life

Any tanker or tanker chassis less than 20 years old has the potential to benefit from a refurbishment – and a successful upgrade can add an additional 10 to 12 years of working life to your equipment. In many cases, it is more cost-effective to remount and refurbish an older tanker, rather than invest in a new unit.

Change Of Use

You may also need to refurbish your tanker to change its use or to improve its performance. This may involve changing the pump, creating new partitions within the tank, or carrying out other structural changes.


You may wish to transfer your tanker to a new trailer or cab chassis, in which case we can remount your tanker onto its new vehicle and configure it for renewed service.

Compatible Models

We offer a full refurbishment service for our own tankers and are also happy to upgrade tankers from other European manufacturers where this service isn’t available locally – including Whale and JHL.

Available Refurbishment Services/Upgrades

Each remount or refurbishment is carried out on a bespoke basis, to fit in with our customer’s budget, requirements, and timescale. Options include:

  • Chassis remounting for rigid tankers.
  • Replacement trailer running gears.
  • Pump upgrades for improved performance.
  • ADR testing and recertification, following change of use.
tardis tankers

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To discuss your refurbishment and upgrade options with one of our experienced engineering team, give us a call on 03301 641389, or send us a message to request more information.

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