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    ADR Tipping Tankers

    Vallely have a long history of manufacturing high specification tankers for the waste industry. In the days prior to the UK official adoption of ADR Vallely were at the forefront of innovation, safe containment and transportation of hazardous waste. Since the introduction of ADR, Vallely have continued to raise the standards of safety whilst embracing the ADR stipulations throughout the build process and in compliance with all classes recognised by ADR.

    Using either Liquid ring or PVT technology to offer class leading suction to create superb vacuum (90%) for deep and heavy lifting of wet sludge and mud.

    ADR tankers are offered with tipping facility on board jetting or high pressure canon for tank cleaning and sludge breaking. Stainless steel options are included to handle Class 8 corrosive materials.

    Whatever your requirement for collecting and the transportation of hazardous waste Vallely Tankers (UK) will have the answer.

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