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    Articulated Vacuum Tankers

    Vallely has been manufacturing frameless monocoque vacuum tankers for more than 25 years, pioneering the concept by design to reduce weight and increase payload.

    From the original mild steel version, we now offer stainless steel and aluminium for absolute maximum payload.

    The stainless steel lightweight is by far the most popular model affording excellent payload with the versatility of use on general liquid waste applications.

    For hazardous waste requirements, we offer full ADR specification including the latest Jurop PVT maintenance-free vacuum pumps. Low maintenance is the key consideration after payload so every item and function has been designed and positioned for ease of operation and maintenance.

    Vallely monocoque vacuum tankers are renowned for their reliability and excellent resale value indeed most of the original units are still in service. Using only the industry’s best components, excellent design, simplicity and workmanship all combine to keep the Vallely monocoque as number one choice for waste contractors and rental companies.

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